Mireia Baeza


Dr. Mireia Baeza Labat (Barcelona, 1964) is Associate Professor at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) since December 2011. She started her scientific career joining the Department of Chemical at UAB in September 1995. She presented her PhD Thesis in 2004: “New strategies for fluidic management in automatic analysis systems”.

Dr. Baeza is in charge of the research line on microfluidic devices and sensors development in the “GENOCOV group on biological treatment and valorisation of liquid and gaseous effluents” at UAB. She is working on the production of electrochemical/optical-based detection systems using breakthrough printing technologies (3D-printing and inkjet-printing) for real-time monitoring of chemicals involved in biotechnological processes and developing advanced electrochemical nanocomposite carbon paste electrodes for enhancing bio-sensing performance. She has supervised 5 PhD Thesis and is currently supervising 5 PhD students. She is teaching courses at UAB in topics of Analytical Chemistry and Electrochemistry. She has published 58 SCI articles with h-index = 19 and has presented 80international conferences. Dr. Baeza is guest editor of the special Issue of composite biosensors of the Nanomaterials journal.

Current research interests:

  • Development of electrochemical/optical detection-based platforms.
  • 3D-printed microfluidics systems for environmental/biotechnological monitoring.
  • Integration of flow systems onto reactors for online monitoring.
  • Reactivity, synthesis and physiochemical characterization of carbon nanomaterials.
  • Inorganic synthesis, customizing carbon nanomaterials with several bio-modifiers, including metal nanoparticles, quantum dots and macro-molecules.
  • Bio-sensing of a wide range of analytes via electrocatalysis and supramolecular chemistry.
  • Bioelectrochemical systems: microbial fuel cells and microbial electrolysis cells.
  • Scientific and technical objectives in the medium / long term are the development of (bio)sensors based on inkjet printing technologies and microfluidic devices to online monitoring of bioreactors.



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Thesis: https://www.tdx.cat/handle/10803/3284

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