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AERIS is a spin-off engineering company aiming at bridging the gap between research and industry. AERIS aims at moving the fundamental knowledge acquired in the GENOCOV research to real, full-scale applications. Hence, AERIS guarantees optimal, sustainable and efficient treatments for gas and liquid industrial effluents.

AERIS activity includes problem assessment in the specific customer environment, and integrated design and construction of the facilities (biological and/or physicochemical), system start-up and system monitoring. AERIS also can retrofit existing facilities in order to minimize their economic and environmental impacts.

Examples of their applications:

  • Design, construction and operation of pilot plants for the treatment of gas and liquid effluents.
  • Research assays or for the determination of toxicity and inhibitory effects of pollutants.
  • Biodegradability assessment of several effluents
  • Water reuse systems
  • Analysis and monitoring of liquid and gas effluents
  • Energetic optimization energy of environmental facilities
  • Training courses for gas and liquid effluents treatment
  • Monitoring and control facilities treatment debugging waters

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