GENOCOV stands for Group of biological treatment and of liquid and gaseous effluents, nutrient removal, and odors and Volatile Organic Compounds. The group is a research group from the Chemical Engineering Department at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. GENOCOV, whose principal investigator is Prof. Francisco Javier Lafuente, has been active over the last 25 years in understanding the biological processes for the treatment of urban and industrial water and gaseous effluents, with special emphasis on monitoring, modelling and control of such complex biological systems.

The quality of the research group can be measured at first sight through several quality indices such as several EU projects and projects funded by the Spanish Government. With respect to publications, in the last 5 years the group has more than 70 peer-reviewed international journals publications as well as an important participation in international conferences.

The group consists nowadays of seven senior researchers: Francisco Javier Lafuente Javier Sancho (professor and head of the group), Juan Antonio Baeza Labat, Julian Carrera Muyo, David Gabriel Buguña, Albert Guisasola Canudas, Julio Perez Cañestro, María Eugenia Suárez Ojeda, in addition to around 15 active researchers (including postdocs, PhD students and lab technicians).

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