• Lluc Olmo

    “The side path can sometimes be the right way, as in the side-stream, could be the key to achieve net energy production wastewater treatment"
  • David Gabriel

    World would be a better place to live if all make something to control gaseous emissions
  • Àlex Gaona

    “Through the power of models, we can optimize complex systems and push the boundaries of what's possible”
  • María E. Suárez-Ojeda

    I would like wastewater treatment plants to become resource recovery hubs
  • Lorena Ferrer

    Many small people, in small places and doing small things can change the world
  • Serena Falcioni

    “Calling waste by another name there is a chance it won't stink the same”
  • Alex Ricoveri

    "cum grano salis"
  • Javier Lafuente

    UAB Rector / Head of the Genocov group
  • Daniel González

    “Through the power of models, we can optimize complex systems and push the boundaries of what's possible”
  • Julio Pérez

    Birds probably are the most fascinating animals on Earth.
  • Mengqi Cheng

    “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”
  • Rafa Valdés

    "It is our responsibility to act according to our values, only then we will have an impact and we will be able to change the world."
  • Mireia Baeza

    “To move forward you don't have to take big steps, just small ones in the right direction”
  • Franc Pare

    “Humans have damaged the environment for too long, now we are researching how to undo it.”
  • Albert Guisasola

    I would like wastewaters to become a source of energy and nutrients for a more sustainable future
  • Juan A. Baeza

    Working towards a circular economy scenario in the wastewater field
  • Oscar Guerrero Sodric

    “Wastewater should be considered a resource rather than a waste "
  • Zainab Ul Kausar

    Putting CO2 to use...creating value from emissions
  • Mariella Galeano

    The efficient ammonia recovery from wastewater is interesting to reduce the impacts produced on the environment and also to obtain valuable products for our countries
  • Eric Valdés

    "Modelling tools are key to optimize biological processes"
  • Liwen Yan

    Recycle wastewater, replenish resources—secure a sustainable future
  • Julian Carrera

    I would like to transform the urban WWTPs from energy-consuming to energy-producing systems
  • Manuel Fachal

    “To promote the generation of green energy sources from pollutants as carbon dioxide, is a key step to make industry's energy management more sustainable”
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