• Juan A. Baeza

    Working towards a circular economy scenario in the wastewater field
  • Daniel González

    “Gaseous emissions should be studied and understood in order to build a better environment”
  • Aina Soler

    " Understanding intermediate steps, can be crucial for the whole process "
  • Gabriela Montiel

    I believe organic materials from wastewater should be transformed in value-added products and so, we can cost-efficiently help our environment
  • David Cueto

    “Bioprocesses in a circular economy are the change that our environment is waiting for.”
  • Carlos Antonio Ramos

    Environmental biotechnology is a powerful engineering-solution to overcome several problems associated to solid and liquid waste treatment
  • Enric Blazquez

    A better water quality and new energy sources relies on the current sewage treatment research
  • Xènia Juan

    Partial nitrification and anammox at low temperatures are key process to achieve a net energy production wastewater treatment, which would increase global sustainability
  • Pilar Sánchez

    “In some ocasions, bacteria could help to contribute more in the development of a sustainable future than the human being itself"
  • Congcong Zhang

    “Never stop the steps of exploring and chasing for a cleaner and more beautiful world”
  • Diógenes Hernández

    “your waste is my raw material"
  • Carlos Chan

    ​the only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you come
  • Julio Pérez

    Birds probably are the most fascinating animals on Earth.
  • Borja Solís

    WWTP modelling should be the key tool in order to mitigate GHG emissions during biological nutrient removal
  • Albert Guisasola

    I would like wastewaters to become a source of energy and nutrients for a more sustainable future
  • Javier Lafuente

    Head of the Genocov group
  • Oriol Larriba

    A sustainable society requires efficient nutrient recovery in WWTPs
  • Mira Sulonen

    “Bacteria can show us the way to sustainable energy production”
  • Natalia Rey

    Energy recovery from biowastes is essential for a better future
  • Antonella Marone

    Closing human production cycles mimicking natural ecosystems
  • Zivko Juznic Zonta

    My motto? Feel comfortable under uncertainty
  • Eva Fernández

    Research should keep moving forward in the understanding of biological processes in order to apply techniques towards the treatment of effluent gases in the industry
  • David Gabriel

    World would be a better place to live if all make something to control gaseous emissions
  • Eloi Martinez

    “Mathematical modelling is a powerful tool to understand our world”
  • Xudong Zhou

    Biochemical recovery of elemental sulfur from sulfate-rich wastewaters
  • Federica Fratoni

    World would be better if we all learn to consider waste as a precious resource, to recover and reuse
  • Lorena Ferrer

    Many small people, in small places and doing small things can change the world
  • María E. Suárez-Ojeda

    I would like wastewater treatment plants to become resource recovery hubs
  • Mabel Mora

    Kinetic characterization of SOB is crucial to optimize desulfurizing BTF modeling
  • Pía Oyarzúa

    let's ask the bacteria how they do it
  • Julian Carrera

    I would like to transform the urban WWTPs from energy-consuming to energy-producing systems
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