Maite Pijuan

My research at GENOCOV focused on the fundamentals and optimisation of the biological phosphorus removal process. In particular, this research explored the effect of different volatile fatty acid composition on the performance and microbial population of enhanced biological phosphorus removal systems developed in sequencing batch reactors. Also, the biological removal of phosphorus under strict aerobic conditions was explored and microbial changes were monitored. This research resulted in the first PhD thesis of the GENOCOV group in the topic of biological phosphorus removal.

Currently researcher at:

Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA)

Research topics:

Biological nutrient removal, greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater systems, nutrient and energy recovery from wastewater, micropollutant biodegradation, in-sewer biotransformations.

Other information:

Honorary research fellow at the Advanced Water Management Centre (The University of Queensland)

Member of the IWA task group on modelling greenhouse gases from wastewater systems

Board member of the journal Scientific Reports.

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