Diógenes Hernández


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: Villa Conavicoop II, Calle Maitte Allamand
2109 - Curicó, Chile ()


Diogenes Hernandez Espinoza, (Curicó, Chile, 1977), He received the degree of Industrial Chemical (Universidad Santo Tomas, 2000), teacher of chemistry (Universidad de Antofagasta, 2013), teacher in professional technician education for the Specialty Chemical Laboratory (Universidad Católica del Maule, 2006), MSc. degree specialized in Chemistry (Universidad de Talca, 2008) and he is currently pursuing the Ph.D at the Institute of Science and Environmental Technology (acronym in Spanish ICTA) in the “Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona”

At present he is working as an academic of “Universidad de Talca”, his research projects are oriented to theoretical and experimental chemistry (environmental chemistry and didactics of the chemistry). He has seven presentations in international conferences and five scientific publications ISI and SCOPUS. To date he has been supervisor of more than 15 theses of undergraduate students.

Nowadays he is directing four FONDEF, EXPLORA, CEAP, FIC-R funded projects, also he is working with different industries of the region to develop energetic solutions from waste, obtain commercial sub-products of waste, use of biomass for generating energy, a new method of treatment of waste and characterization of RILES and RISES. With a high level of instrumental chemistry laboratory management and miscellaneous techniques of qualitative and quantitative analysis for six years working in the laboratory chemistry bromatological and environmental of the SEREMI – Maule – Chile.

Hernandez current research interests are:

  • Treatment unpleasant odors in agroindustrial process
  • Agroindustrial waste reuse with biomass or products with commercial value
  • Didactics Science Chemistry
  • Ozone use for the treatment of microorganism and fungi


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