A new paper titled "Conditions for high resistance to starvation periods in bioelectrochemical system" by Y. Ruiz, E. Ribot-Llobet, J.A. Baeza and A. Guisasola has been recently published in Bioelectrochemistry (doi:10.1016/j.bioelecchem.2015.06.010)

Thursday, 20 August 2015 10:05

Life SAVING-E project looks for a postdoc

We seek one highly motivated post-doctoral researcher to work in the LIFE14 ENV/ES/000633 – LIFE SAVING-E “Two-Stage Autotrophic N-remoVal for mainstream sewaGe trEatment”. 

Members GICOM and GENOCOV have assited to the workshop "From hell to heaven: extremophiles for environmental biotechnology" in IRTA, the Catalan Institute for Research and Technology in Food and Agriculture. 

A new paper titled "Assessment of crude glycerol for Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal: Stability and role of long chain fatty acids" by Carlota Tayà, Javier Guerrero, María Eugenia Suárez-Ojeda, Albert Guisasola and Juan Antonio Baeza has been published in Chemosphere 141 (2015) 50–56

A new paper titled "Inhibition of the annamox activity by aromatic compounds" by Carlos Ramos, Isaac Fernández, María Eugenia Suárez-Ojeda, Julián Carrera has been published in Chemical Engineering Journal 279 (2015) 681–688

Free access to the article until July 25, 2015 using the following link:

Yolanda Ruiz defended her thesis dissertation "Scale-up opportunities of microbial electrolysis cells for hydrogen production from wastewater" on May 25th Congratulations Yolanda!!

A GENOCOV poster received the award as best poster at the IWA conferencee IWA Nutrient Removal and Recovery 2015: moving innovation into practice.

The PhD Students, Luis López, Clara Reino, Gabriela Montiel and Carlos Ramos will present their work in the 7th European Meeting on Chemical Industry and Environment, which will take place in Tarragona during 10-12 June 2015. 

A new paper titled “2-Bromoethanesulfonate degradation in bioelectrochemical systems” by Laura Rago, Javier Guerrero, Juan A. Baeza, Albert Guisasola has been published in Bioelectrochemistry, Volume 105 (2015), 44–49

A new paper titled "Stable partial nitritation for low-strength wastewater at low temperature in an aerobic granular reactor" by Eduardo Isanta, Clara Reino, Julián Carrera, Julio Pérez has been published in Water Research (2015) 80, 149-158

Clara Reino is a PhD student of the Urban Wastewater Research Line in our group GENOCOV. She will be performing a short PhD research stay in the Environmental Biotechnology Department at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands). This short research stay is a result of an awarded grant within the COST Action Water_2020. Clara will work in the Environmental Biotechnology group under the supervision of Julio Perez and Mark van Loosdrecht for three months.

Luis R. Lopez, who is doing the PhD in Gases and Odors treatment research line, will be in Ghent University during 3 months for a short research stay. 

A new paper has been recently published in Bioresource Technology (2015), 181, 207-213

María Lourdes Romano Pardo from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México will stay for 2 months at GENOCOV as fellow visiting researcher.

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