A new paper in Journal of Cleaner Production authored by J. Carrera, O. Carbó, S. Doñate, M.E. Suárez-Ojeda and J. Pérez has been accepted.

New Project - GALILEI “StimulatinG H2-bAsed biotechnoLogIes towards the vaLorization of carbon dioxidE and sulfur-rIch streams”

Estimulando biotecnoloGíAs basadas en H2 hacia la vaLorIzación de efLuentEs contenIendo dióxido de carbono y efluentes ricos en azufre

A new project awarded by the Ministerio de Economía in the framework of the 2021 call for the “PROYECTOS DE GENERACIÓN DE CONOCIMIENTO, Convocatoria 2021”. This is a coordinated project between the GENOCOV group and the BIOGAP group from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. The project is coordinated by David Gabriel

New publication in Resources, Conservation and Recycling by Natalia Rey, Albert Guisasola and Juan Baeza

A new paper in Atmosphere authored by D. González, D. Gabriel and A. Sánchez has been published.

A new paper in Journal of Environmental Management authored by D. González, J. Colón, A. Sánchez and D. Gabriel has been published.

A new paper in Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering authored by C. Polizzi, T. Lotti, A. Ricoveri, R. Campo, C. Vannini, M. Ramazzotti, D. Gabriel and G. Munz has been published.

Se buscan candidat@s con motivación para la realización de una tesis doctoral bajo la dirección de David Gabriel en el Departamento de Ingeniería Química, Biológica y Ambiental de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona en el grupo GENOCOV.

Guillermo Cornejo Velazquez will be staying for 4 months at GENOCOV conducting his Master Thesis in phosphorus recovery via vivianite

A new paper in Water Research authored by B. Solís, A. Guisasola, X. Flores-Alsina, U. Jeppsson, J. A. Baeza has been accepted.

A new paper in Chemical Engineering Journal authored by X. Juan-Díaz, Ll. Olmo, J. Pérez, J. Carrera has been accepted.

Tuesday, 23 February 2021 14:37

The 2020 GENOCOV is already posted

You can download it in the dissemination section. Enjoy it!

Fantastic work and defense by Zainab Ul Kausar (09/02/21). Congratulations!

A new paper in Journal of Water Process Engineering authored by X. Juan-Díaz, J. Carrera, J. Pérez has been accepted.

This paper has been published in International Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology (2021)

Great modelling effort by Àlex Gaona (09/02/21). Congratulations!

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