Friday, 10 February 2017 08:17

Živko Južnič Zonta, new PostDoc researcher at GENOCOV

Živko Južnič Zonta has joined the GENOCOV team in order to give support on the SMART-Plant H2020 Project. In particular, he will boost the development of the Decision Support System application which aim is to find the best available WWTP configuration among many. This app will help a WWTP designer to deal with many new process unit technologies that will be tested at pilot scale during the SMART-Plant project. Apart of software development, in the context of SMART-Plant project, Živko will help in the assembly and operation of a SCEPPHAR process pilot-unit that GENOCOV has to put in place at the WWTP of Manresa. This process unit will not only remove organics and nitrogen from the wastewater mainstream but will recover phosphorous as struvite as a valuable product.

Welcome to UAB Živko!

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