Sunday, 09 July 2017 09:51

Visitor staying - Welcome Claudio !!!

Claudio Scalia (Palermo, Italia, 1992) is an Environmental Engineer graduate from University of Palermo. Currently, He is attending Environmental Engineering Master degree of the same University. He is doing a traineeship at the Department of Chemical Engineering in UAB in according of Erasmus+ for Traineeship program. His job at the WWTP lab consist on monitoring parameter on two pilot plants. The first one is a anaerobic/anoxic/ aerobic system (A2O) for the combined Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus removal where the development of microbial community enriched in a putative PAO (Tetrasphaera) is studied with glutamate as organic substrate. At the second pilot plant, he’s monitoring the tart up phase of a system for carbon removal at low SRT and low energy consumption.

Claudio current interest are:

  • Advance Waste water treatment;
  • Enhanced biological phosphorus removal;
  • Energy recovery from biowaste sludge.
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