Friday, 08 April 2016 15:16

SAVING-E Project launches its official website!

The website is designed to give a clear overview of the project objectives and disseminate all the
project’s outputs and activities during the project. It is developed to provide an open platform for
communication between SAVING-E project, the scientific community, water professionals and the general public.

The website contains all the essential information about the project itself and will be updated with
the project’s progress, news and relevant events. Twitter and LinkedIn have been integrated into the
project’s website, allowing users to share information across all major social networking sites. In
particular, the website is composed of 7 sections:

Home: a general overview of the project
Project: detailed information about the project (environmental problem targeted, goals,
workplan, activities & results)
Partners: composition of the project’s consortium
Media Corner: the latest news, photo gallery and useful links
Events Calendar: all the relevant upcoming events
About LIFE: information about LIFE programme
Contact: a contact form for all those interested in the project

Funded under the LIFE Programme, SAVING-E is a three and a half-year pilot project dealing with the transformation of the current wastewater treatment plants from being energy-consumers to be
energy-sufficient or even energy-producer facilities. The consortium of the project is formed by the
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo (DAM), Agència
Catalana de l’Aigua (ACA) and The European Technology for Water (WssTP).

The website is available in English and a Spanish and Catalan version will be soon online.

Visit the SAVING-E website at

For further information, please contact Julian Carrera or María Eugenia Suárez-Ojeda.

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