Tuesday, 21 November 2017 10:29

New visitor - Diego Morales Urrea

Diego Morales Urrea will be staying with us for three months studying PHA formation and respirometric experiments. Welcome!

My name is Diego Alberto Morales Urrea. I am a PhD student in Materials Science at the Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina. I work in enzymatic catalysis in the research Institute INTEMA of CONICET. We are studying the degradation of toxic organic compounds with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of a peroxidase enzyme. At the moment, I am realizing a stay of three months in the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. We will study the extraction of polyhydroxyalkanoates from mixed cultures to analyze their use as a material for the immobilization of peroxidase enzymes. This work is being directed by Dra. María Eugenia Suárez and Dr. Julián Carrera, and is part of the research of the doctoral student Gabriela Montiel of the research group Genocov of Departament, d’Enginyeria Química, Biològica i Ambiental of UAB. At the same time, is being financed by the Red Triton-Cyted.

Diego’s current research interests are:

•             Discoloration of Orange II with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of a commercial soybean peroxidase: pH effect.

•             Discoloration kinetics of Orange II with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of a soybean peroxidase.


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