Tuesday, 20 February 2018 07:48

New publication - Life cycle assessment of different physical-chemical and biological technologies for biogas desulfurization in sewage treatment plants

Biogas desulfurization can be carried out by physical-chemical or biological technologies. Biological technologies are generally described as more environmentally friendly than physical-chemical techniques,although it is difficult to find studies in which the associated environmental burdens are compared.

The aim of the work was to perform a life cycle assessment to compare the environmental impact of four common desulfurization technologies for hydrogen sulfide removal from biogas produced in sewage treatment plants. The desulfurization technologies studied were aerobic biotrickling filtration, anoxic biotrickling filtration, caustic chemical scrubbing and adsorption on impregnated activated carbon. The environmental assessment was extended with a Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) and Operational Expense (OPEX) analysis. An extra scenario considering no desulfurization with biogas combustion was also analyzed. Results indicate that biological technologies are much more favorable in most environmental impact categories than physicalchemical technologies and, as expected, are more favorable than the non-treatment scenario

This work was performed by GENOCOV researchers in collaboration with researchers at the BETA Tech Group (U. Vic) and the University of Cadiz.

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