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Tuesday, 04 July 2017 13:40

New book - Purification and use of biogas

There are many organic wastes that can be used to produce biogas through the well-established process of anaerobic digestion. The main added value of the process is biogas, a source of renewable energy with a multitude of possible uses, such as the production of electric energy, heat energy or biofuel for vehicles, among others. Regardless of the end use of the biogas, one or more stages are needed to condition the biogas produced with the aim of removing impurities before use.

The book provides a detailed review of the main technologies for the improvement of the biogas depending on its final use, from the classic ones to last generation alternatives or those still in the process of development. The book is complemented by an important original work of analysis of information on the particular situation in different scenarios, such as the European Union, Spain and Catalonia, and shows examples of different purification and uses of biogas, as well as the assessment of the situation in different Latin American countries such as Brazil, Chile and Mexico. The book is aimed at both undergraduate, master and doctoral students, as well as technicians of the public administration and professionals of the energy sector.

This book is edited in Spanish and is the result of a close collaboration of a large list of experts in the biogas field from different institutions and companies. The book can be bought in paper or digital formats from several retailers such as Amazon, Google Play (digital), Google View (paper) or from the UAB publication services: