Tuesday, 17 September 2019 15:22

Maria Eugenia, Juan, Zivko, Oriol and Albert in IWANRR2019 in Venice

The most important IWA conference on nutrient recovery had 4 oral presentations and a poster from GENOCOV. The quality of the conferences, the networking and the venue were excellent and we enjoyed the conference a lot. This conference was co-organised by the SMART-Plant project

Mainstream SCEPPHAR Configuration for Integrating P and PHA Recovery in the Water Line of WWTPs OriolLarriba,Zivko Juznic-Zonta, Borja Solis, Juan Baeza, Albert Guisasola

Life Cycle Assessment of Material Recovery from Municipal Wastewater: Circular Economy with Environmental Benefits? Christian Remy, Jennifer Misiukas, Carlijn Lahaye, Zivco Jucnic-Zonta, Juan Baeza,Nicola Frison, Bruno Ferreira, Gorostegi Guerra, Sergio Salas, Joan Jorda, Luis Enrique

Exploring the Integration of EBPR at Low SRT and DO in an A-stage System for COD and P Removal ClaudioScalia, Congcong Zhang, Giorgio Mannina, Albert Guisasola, Juan Baeza

Extraction and Characterisation of Polyhydroxybutyrate Biologically Synthesised Using Mixed Microbial Cultures Dario Presti, Gabriella Montiel-Jarillo, DiegoMorales-Urrea, Giorgio Mannina, Edgardo Contreras, Julián Carrera, María Eugenia Suárez Ojeda

Sorting Optimal WWTP Configurations with Resource Recovery Units Under a Multi-criteria Decision Making Framework Zivko Zonta, Juan Antonio Baeza Labat, Albert Guisasola


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