Thursday, 03 November 2016 11:24

Juan Baeza in New Developments in IT & Water Conference (Telford, UK)

In the 3rd edition of the International Water Association’s New Developments in IT & Water the concept of the “Smarter” Water Industry was addressed by openly discussing concepts such as the Value of Smart Systems, Modelling & Control and Decision Support Systems. It was also discussed some of the opportunities that the industry has with concepts such as the Internet of Things and Network.

Juan Antonio Baeza participated in the IT&Water conference with the oral presentation “Integration of N2O emissions in the ASM2d model”. This work is a collaboration of UAB with Theoni Massara and Evina Katsou from Brunel University, and it’s part of the project C-FOOT-CTRL DEVELOPING ON LINE TOOLS TO MONITOR, CONTROL AND MITIGATE GHG EMISSIONS IN WWTPs, Project funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 645769.

This work presented the development of a model to describe N2O emissions in WWTP with N and P biological removal, built as a combination of ASM2d, 2-pathway model for N2O emissions by AOB and N2O production and consumption during denitrification.

This work concludes that low-DO conditions that are usually applied to reduce the carbon footprint (N-removal through nitrite) are likely to produce significant N2O emissions through the nitrifier denitrification pathway, which lead to a high overall carbon footprint. N2O stripping study is also identified as a very important factor to consider for the accurate modelling of emissions. Finally, increase of ammonium load provokes high increase of emission factor, but WWTP adaptation to new loads is possible when implementing a proper DO control, avoiding increased emissions.

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