Sunday, 01 April 2018 07:19

Genocov in Granular Sludge Conference in Delft

From 18th to 21th of March Eva Fernández Palacios, member of GENOCOV group, participated in the IWA Biofilms: Granular Sludge Conference 2018 that was organized in Delft, The Netherlands. Granular sludge offers ways to retain biomass, intensify wastewater treatment processes, and recover used water resources. Continuous research and development since late sixties resulted in breakthrough innovations. Granular sludge science and engineering moved from anaerobic conversions to aerobic-anaerobic ammonium oxidation and full biological nutrient removal. This provides a framework for a better understanding of microbial drivers of granular sludge formation and stability as basis for improved and innovative designs. The main objective of the conference is to bridge pioneers, international leaders, and new-generation experts across disciplines to critically discuss the state-of-the-art and anticipate the future of granular sludge. GENOCOV collaborated with a poster entitled "Long-term operation of a UASB for sulfate reduction using crude glycerol as electron donor" by Eva Fernandez Palacios, Mabel Mora and David Gabriel.

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