Wednesday, 26 September 2018 05:05

GENOCOV activities at the IWA – World Water Congress 2018, 16-21, Tokyo, Japan

The World Water Congress 2018 is the most important congress organized by the IWA, with more than 6000 attendants. Dr. Juan Antonio Baeza participated with several activities.On Saturday 15, he attended the Specialist Group Leaders Forum, as Chair of the Instrumentation, Control and Automation IWA SG. IWA’s 50 Specialist groups are the core vehicle for member engagement and knowledge development. The Forum provided a unique face-to-face opportunity for the IWA SG Leaders to communicate with each other and with the IWA Secretariat, as well as discuss issues relating to IWA strategies, exchange experiences on SG management and member engagement, and link with other IWA vehicles.

On Monday 17, Dr. Baeza presented “Decision Support System for selecting the best configuration including ‘Smartechs’ of the SMART-Plant project” as invited presentation in the Workshop PROCESS SYNTHESIS, DESIGN AND CONTROL OF NEXT GENERATION RESOURCE RECOVERY & WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS (WWTPS), chaired by Gürkan Sin (Technical University of Denmark). The workshop was organized to show how process systems engineering tools help with developing next generation resource recovery & wastewater treatment plants. In the afternoon, Dr. Baeza chaired the open meeting for the Instrumentation, Control and Automation IWA Specialist Group showing the main activities of the specialist group to the members.

On Tuesday 18. Dr. Baeza co-chaired with Dr. Joan Rose (Michigan State University) the session MICROBIOLOGY OF WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS AND BIOFILMS”. In the afternoon, Dr. Baeza presented “Mainstream SCEPPHAR Configuration for Integrating P and PHA Recovery in the Water Line of WWTPs (SMART-Plant project)” in the session “RESOURCE RECOVERY II ORGANIC COMPOUNDS”, chaired by Dr. Takao Murakami (Nihon Suido Consultants) and Yongmei Li (Tongji University).

The poster “Bioelectrochemical Treatment of Sulfate Wastewater Towards Sulfur Recovery” authored by Enric Blázquez, David Gabriel, Juan Antonio Baeza and Albert Guisasola was also presented at the conference.

Finally, on Thursday 20, Dr. Baeza participated as invited expert facilitator in the Emerging Water Leaders Forum, helping Young Water Professionals practice problem solving skills to answer three key questions that the water sector will have to address in 2030-2050.

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