Wednesday, 15 June 2016 08:28

David Gabriel, Luis López and Mabel Mora in the 1st BCC International Conference

David Gabriel, Luis López and Mabel Mora contributed with a keynote and two oral presentations in the 1st International Conference on Bioenergy and Climate Change which took place in Soria (Spain) the 6th and 7th of June, 2016.

The conference was mainly focused on the latest developments on bioenergy and climate change, bringing together professionals from academia, industry and public administrations. The main topics covered in the conference were: Biogas and Biohydrogen production; Biomass as renewable energy; Biogas upgrading and sweetening; Bioreactors; Algal-bacterial systems; Residues valorization; CO2 capture technologies; CO2 footprint; Mathematical modelling and Strategies against climate change.

A part from the oral presentations and posters, which were really interesting and diverse, keynote speakers (Alfons Stams, Raúl Muñoz, Theo S.O. Souza, David Gabriel and Luc Malhautier) gave us an overview about microbial processes to produce biofuels, physical/chemical and biological systems for bigas upgrading, mathematical modelling of anaerobic digestion, molecular biology tools applied to biofiltration processes and microbial ecology in anaerobic bioreactors and hydrogen-fermenting systems.

The oral presentations that were presented by L.R. López and M. Mora were the entitled as follows:

- Application of feedbach and feedforward control strategies in aerobic biotrickling filters for biogas desulfurization.

- Crude glycerol use as carbon source in a sulfate-reducing UASB for sulfur recovery from S-rich effluents.

The 1st BCC was completely succesful and the participants shared not only science and knowledge but nice moments together. We would also thank the organizing comitte and specially Guillermo Quijano this great effort. We are waiting hopefully for the 2nd edition!!


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