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Thursday, 18 October 2018 05:00

Claudia Etchebehere (Uruguay) new visiting researcher at GENOCOV

Claudia Etchebehere from Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas Clemente Estable (Uruguay, Montevideo) will be staying for one month at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona as an internship professor.

Dr. Claudia Etchebehere is the director of the Microbial Ecology Laboratory from the Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas Clemente Estable, a Biological Research Institute located in in Montevideo, Uruguay. Dr. Etchebehere is an expert in the study of microbial communities from different wastewater treatment systems. Her work is focus in understanding how the microbial communities work in different systems as methanogenic reactors, hydrogen producing reactors, microbial fuel cells, activated sludge and N-removal systems.

Dr. Etchebehere´s Lab is part of the CYTED network Triton with scientists from different countries from Latin America and Europe. Within the framework of the Triton internship programme, she intends to be part of GENOCOV’s research group aiming to understand the microbial ecology of the anammox and partial nitrification reactors part of the new energy positive waste water treatment system.