Mengqi Cheng


Mengqi CHENG (China, 1995) is degreed in Environmental Science (Xinyang Normal University, 2014-2018) and MSc in Ecology specialized in wastewater treatment by constructed wetland system (Shanghai Ocean University, 2018-2021). She had been enlightened by several internships in local wastewater treatment plant during her degree’s experiences, and kept studying on wastewater treatment in her MSc based on constructed wetlands. Now she is a PhD student in Environmental Science and Technology and her research is focused on Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (EBPR) integrating side-stream sludge fermenter (SSSF) for energy and phosphorus recovery. Moreover, different phosphorus recovery strategies are going to be adapted into current research in the future. Ultimately, her research will let the future WWTP have an early advise on which is the most adequate alternative for their case.

Mengqi’s current research interests are:
•    Study on the impact of different purge volumes of A2O configuration under anaerobic purge condition and aerobic purge condition.
•    Assess and improve the performance of S2EBPR under anaerobic purge condition and SSSF purge condition.
•    Explore the optimal conditions of P-recovery from different streams of S2EBPR configuration and implement P-recovery strategies in real plant.


Zhao, Z., Cheng, M., Li, Y., Song, X., Wang, Y., Zhang, Y. (2022). A Novel Constructed Wetland Combined with Microbial Desalination Cells and its Application. Microbial Ecology, 83(2), 340–352.

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