Manuel Fachal


Manuel Fachal Suárez (A Coruña, 1994) studied his degree in Chemistry (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, 2017) and a MSc in Environmental Engineering (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, 2019). He started to work in the research group “Biogroup”, operating two membrane bioreactors to achieve the enrichment of the microbial community in N-DAMO bacteria. Thanks to this experience he was learning about wastewater treatments, specially under anaerobic conditions, performing the N-DAMO process, nitrite/nitrate-dependent methane oxidation. After that, he worked as Research Assistant at National University of Ireland (Galway) for two years, running pervaporation experiments for VFA’s recovery.

He is currently a PhD student in Environmental Science and Technology and his research aims to improve the knowledge and potential applications of biomethanation processes, generating biogas from two substrates, hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

Manuel’s current research interests are:
•    To characterize the biomass, from the microbiological, kinetic and physicochemical points of view. Trying to enrich it on Hydrogenotrophic methanogenic arqueae.
•    To study the impact of pressure conditions in the biomethanation processes. For this purpose, a pressurized Buchi bioreactor will be used.
•    To assess different conditions to improve the hydrogen solubility in water, since this is meant to be the main limitation on the process.
•    To operate a membrane biofilm reactor where the biomethanation process takes place.

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