Lluc Olmo


Lluc Olmo Cerdà (Barcelona, 1995) is degreed in Biotecnology (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2017) and MSc in Chemical, biological and environmental engineering (Universitat de Barcelona, 2019).
During his MSc studies, he began working as Laboratory Technician at Caldes de Montbui WWTP as he gained experience in analysis and laboratory work skills. In his MSc thesis, he worked on bentazone remediation from contaminated waters using Trametes versicolor in a trickle-bed bioreactor. After his MSc, he collaborated in the experimental and monitoring of SAVING-E project pilot plant for eight months as well as in running the start-up of the pilot plant after its transfer. After that he worked as a research technician in GENOCOV group where he collaborated in studies about partial nitrification and anammox systems. He is currently a PhD student in Environmental Science and Technology and his research aims to improve the implementation of the autotrophic nitrogen removal and recovery at side-stream conditions in a pilot scale.

Lluc’s current research interests are:
•    Study the impact of nitrous oxide production in the partial nitrification reactor at different operational conditions.
•    Characterize the biomass involved in the partial nitrification and in the anammox process from the microbiological, kinetic and physicochemical points of view during the operation at side-stream conditions.
•    Explore new process configuration for autotrophic nitrogen removal/recovery side-stream treatment.


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•    Juan-Díaz, X. et al., 2022. Coupling anammox and heterotrophic denitrification activity at mainstream conditions in a single reactor unit. Chemical Engineering Journal, 431.
•    Soler-Jofra, A. et al., 2022. Short and long term continuous hydroxylamine feeding in a granular sludge partial nitritation reactor. Water Research, 209.

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