PhD Thesis

Integrated assessment of long-term sulfidogenesis in UASB reactors using crude glycerol as carbon source

Printing technologies for biotechnological and environmental sensing applications

Study on the gaseous emissions during the biological treatment of sewage sludge. Characterization of VOCs and odour emissions

Estudio de los procesos de almacenaje, secado y peletización de desechos del procesado de la oliva para su reutilización como biocombustible de uso industrial y domiciliario

Use of fungi and bacteria for the removal of recalcitrant compounds from tannery wastewater

Polyhydroxyalkanoates production alongside wastewater treatment by mixed microbial cultures

Advances in enhanced biological phosphorus removal: amino acids as carbon source and envisaging its integration in high-rate systems

Promoting autotrophic sulfate reduction and elemental sulfur recovery in bioelectrochemical systems

Microalgae cultivation in view of resource and energy recovery

Integrating enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) in a resource recovery scenario

Autotrophic biologican nitrogen removal in a two-stage system at mainstream conditions

Development and application of control strategies in an aerobic biotrickling filter for H2S removal

Monitorización de la diversidad microbiana en biofiltros percoladores mediante pirosecuenciación TAG-454 y optimización de protocolos FISH

  • Author: Diniz, Tercia
  • Date: 2015

Treatment of complex industrial wastewaters through biological processes with granular reactors

  • Author: Ramos, Carlos Antonio
  • Date: 09/10/2015

A microbiological approach to improve the performance of single-chamber bioelectrochemical systems

Characterization of S-oxidizing biomass through respirometric techniques under anoxic and aerobic conditions

Improving EBPR stability in WWTPs aiming at simultaneous carbon and nutrient removal: from modelling studies to experimental validation

Towards granular biomass implementation for urban wastewater treatment

Hydrogen production from wastewater in single chamber microbial electrolysis cells: studies towards its scaling-up 

Aerobic biotrickling filtration for biogas desulfurization

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